Monday, February 27, 2012

The Miracle of Forgiveness

Because our Heavenly Father loves us, He sent His son Jesus Christ to provide a way for us to become clean and live with Him again. A way has been provided for us to overcome our weaknesses and to get rid of the guilt, pain, and remorse that accompanies sin; that way is called Repentance.
No matter where we are at in life, no matter what we have done or what we have been through, we can always repent and come unto Christ. We learn in the Book of Mormon that " often as my people repent will I forgive them their trespasses against me." (Mosiah 26:30) But why does He offer that? Why will He always forgive us and why does He want to forgive us? Because He loves us. He wants us to feel joy and peace and that can only come by the power of repentance. I testify that He stands with open arms waiting to receive us. If we will get on our knees and plead with Him, He will be there to comfort us and to fill us with peace, happiness, and love. This is the Miracle of Forgiveness.

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  1. This man's story touched me on so deeply. I've been there..I've felt alone..but because of the atonement and our gracious father, I will never feel that again. Thank you for reminding me of how blessed I am. Although I've made a lot of mistakes, through repentance and the atonement I've been able to move forward, not alone, but with our Heavenly Father. He will never leave me. For that I am forever in his debt. -Thank you. -Julie Bean